My Experience With a Brain Tumor

My Experience With a Brain Tumor - Skywear Threads

On March 5, 2020, I received some life-changing news: a brain tumor had been discovered in my cerebellum during an MRI at my local hospital. The tumor, which was about 5 cm in size and obstructing one of my ventricles responsible for draining cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), had caused an abnormal buildup of CSF in my head, a condition known as hydrocephalus. This had caused a range of debilitating symptoms including severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, and a lack of appetite/feeling full quickly.

Despite the severity of my symptoms, I had been hesitant to seek medical help due to fear of discovering something serious or life-threatening. It wasn't until I had to be persuaded to consult with a neurologist that I finally took action.

On March 10, I underwent surgery at The University of Michigan Hospital to remove the tumor. The procedure was a success and took around eight hours to complete. After spending five days in the ICU, I was transferred to the GCU for an additional four days before being discharged on March 19.

Throughout my recovery, I have been grateful for the incredible team of surgeons, assistants, therapists, nurses, doctors, and PA's who have attended to me and played a vital role in saving my life. My biopsy results came back as benign, revealing that my tumor was a grade 1 Pilocytic Astrocytoma.

This experience has been humbling and has reminded me to appreciate the little things in life that we often take for granted. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the healthcare workers who have worked tirelessly to help me and others during these challenging times. Thank you for reading my story. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.


  • Mrs. DelVero

    Wow, a lot to go through at 23! So glad that you got diagnosed, surgery was successful and you are healing! Will be saying prayers for continued strength and getting back to doing the things you love to do. Take good care of yourself and look forward to seeing you after this crazy quarantine.

  • Renay

    You handled all of this amazingly well. Better than I would have. I learned from you to stay calm and keep a positive attitude in the light of your fears. You will be back on top soon ! ❤️

  • Jessica

    Thank you for sharing this. You’re so extremely strong and able to come forth before and after this. I hope your story shows others how life shouldn’t be taken for granted and how health is so imperative and to take care of “you” first. With everything going on in this world now; coronavirus, I pray that you amongst others, who are walking examples of “anything is possible”, continue to be amazing and conquer all you have already and so much more.

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