We started with humble beginnings — selling out of our college bedroom and frantically shipping orders as soon as we woke up.

With your help we have shipped to over 30 countries worldwide and to every state in the US.

We temporarily paused business not long ago due to personal medical circumstances, but we're back!

We couldn't have done it without you before —and we don't want to do it without you moving forward.


“The quality of these are 10/10. (They're) my new favorite leggings and I own 100 soooo.”


My first impressions are honestly fantastic! I'll put them through a leg day Friday but honestly I've bent in every direction I could and I don't see much way they'd be see through lol. They feel really amazing and thick and don't pull away from my waist which can be an issue. ☺️

Alex J.

My package arrived today and I am so impressed by the quality! I already want to place another order to try some of the legacy seamless leggings. 😍

Brooke W.

They curated high performance gym wear that absolutely takes care of my daily gym needs!

Azel J.

I'll be honest, I'm not usually a person that tries new things. I find something that I like and I stick with it. The pieces are so soft and so comfortable and cute! I'll definitely be wearing these often.

Tolu S.

Already planning what I’m ordering next! This quality is 🔥