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Our story

We started with humble beginnings — selling out of our college bedroom and frantically shipping orders as soon as we woke up.


My first impressions are honestly fantastic! I'll put them through a leg day Friday but honestly I've bent in every direction I could and I don't see much way they'd be see through lol. They feel really amazing and thick and don't pull away from my waist which can be an issue. ☺️

Alex J.

First impression: already obsessed! Soft, supportive, cute, and solid. 🙌🏻

Sam G.

Already planning what I’m ordering next! This quality is 🔥


My package arrived today and I am so impressed by the quality! I already want to place another order to try some of the legacy seamless leggings. 😍

Brooke W.

I'll be honest, l'm not usually a person that tries new things. I find something that I like and I stick with it. The pieces are so soft and so comfortable and cute! I'II definitely be wearing these often.

Tolu S.

The quality of these are 10/10.(They're) my new favorite leggings and l own 100 soooo..."